I’ve been featured by CUNY BA

It’s pretty exciting to be featured by the CUNY BA, the program in conjunction with Brooklyn College, where I graduated from. They wrote about my life post-college, my projects, and work.

If you’re related to me, you can just skip the article and shep nachas*. Otherwise, the article is on the CUNY BA site here: http://cunyba.gc.cuny.edu/blog/daniel-klein-sociologymarketing/

*[For the non-Yiddish crowd, ‘shepping nachas’ can be roughly translated as a combination of deriving great pleasure from something and being extremely proud of someone… for example; when a friend or loved one does something exemplary.] ~ Definition from Treppenwitz.com

Torah Times Circular = Jewish Ad FAIL

My wife (Arielle) picked up this circular in one of the kosher restaurants torahtimes in midtown today and was excited to show this to me. I love ads, especially bad ones. Props to Arielle for cherry picking the following ads, which are ripe for parody.

The following are from the Torah Times circular, Week of March 10-16, 2010:

  • Shticky Sushi – this ad for a new Kosher Sushi place seemed cool at first. Nice logo. Massive Sushi menu. Great. One problem. I have no idea where this place is. There’s a 718 phone number, but that could mean Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island or the Bronx. No idea. So I figured, I’ll go to their website. Pretty cool website, especially for a Kosher place, right? I looked everywhere. No address. Nothing. What’s even weirder… it says “curbside pickup also available”. Is this a joke? Curbside sushi pickup to a place no one can find? Good luck. >> You guys need marketing assistance. Feel free to contact meClick for Ad Image
  • Joe Lazar for City Council – I only vote for heimeshe people that are warm and fuzzy … Click for Ad Image

Ridiculous Jewish / Pesach (Passover) Products:

    I’m actually pissed off I didn’t invent any Kosher for Pesach products. Maybe I should start a Kosher for Passover website: “This site contains no chametz or gebrochts“.

    Are these products necessary? If you have purchased (or feel the need to purchase) the products below, please comment on this post to explain why, and include your halachic / textual reference. I’m honestly curious to read why we need them.

  • Kosher Passover Pans – seriously? are regular pans laced with breadcrumbs? … Click for Ad Image
  • Palisades Aluminum Foil – same shtuyot (stupidity) as the above product… Click for Ad Image
  • Glatt Water – Water … with extra special Glatt nutrients! … Click for Ad Image
  • Swarovski Crystal Pesach Collection — 1) This ad screams of 2 copyright or trademark infringements. 2) Crystals on your seder paraphernalia? Why? Why? 3) This is selling for $500!! … Click for Ad Image

My site got hacked…

Yesterday this site got hacked, by “Turkish Muslim Hackers”. How? Why? I have no idea.

I wrote about it on Jewlicious.com: http://www.jewlicious.com/2010/03/what-do-turkish-muslim-hackers-want-from-me/

Picture 3


doublearrowI am preparing myself mentally for a new stage in my life. I have spent my career defending Israel as a part of my job, and I now have to move to the sidelines. It is difficult to move “to the sidelines”, but I feel that I have given my all to help grow my organization, and to assist Israel in the process. My career path has lead me to accept a great opportunity at a well respected digital marketing agency, for which I am set to begin after Pesach.

I am excited to eat, drink, and sleep social media (which I already do) and now get paid for it. I am thrilled to work with a new team of peers: social media and computer geeks … and with some big name clients. This is a unique time to be in my shoes. This time of transition is a new experience for me, and I am looking forward to the forthcoming challenges that await me in the near future.

I will miss my friends, colleagues, and students I have worked with over the years at StandWithUs. Please stay in touch.