doublearrowI am preparing myself mentally for a new stage in my life. I have spent my career defending Israel as a part of my job, and I now have to move to the sidelines. It is difficult to move “to the sidelines”, but I feel that I have given my all to help grow my organization, and to assist Israel in the process. My career path has lead me to accept a great opportunity at a well respected digital marketing agency, for which I am set to begin after Pesach.

I am excited to eat, drink, and sleep social media (which I already do) and now get paid for it. I am thrilled to work with a new team of peers: social media and computer geeks … and with some big name clients. This is a unique time to be in my shoes. This time of transition is a new experience for me, and I am looking forward to the forthcoming challenges that await me in the near future.

I will miss my friends, colleagues, and students I have worked with over the years at StandWithUs. Please stay in touch.


Israel’s Humanitarian Aid Effort in Haiti

baby-hospital_1561931iI have been keeping a close eye on the humanitarian situation in Haiti this past week. To my delight, tiny little Israel has sent over 220 humanitarian aid workers including doctors, medics, search & rescue teams, and others.

Well into the global rescue efforts, Israel was the only country with a working field hospital that was actually performing necessary surgeries on earthquake victims. This makes me proud to see Israel go above and beyond and drop everything to save human lives.

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