Twillory Shirts: A Review (+ Coupon Code)

To those who know me, you know my passion for Charles Tyrwhitt men’s dress and casual shirts: the varying designs and non-iron shirts have kept me as a fan for the last few years. And I still am, but my eyes have been opened to a new local men’s shirt start-up that is trying to stir things up and directly take on the British based Tyrwhitt: Twillory.twillory-mens-shirts-1-coupon-code

Twillory recently launched their brand by giving away really nice collar stays, a little item to help keep your spread and other collars strong and sturdy. Since then, they’ve launched their selection of dress shirts and I was definitely impressed with the designs.

One of the biggest differences (between Twillory & Charles Tyrwhitt) I noticed was the ordering & delivery process. When ordering online or over the phone from CT, you’re ordering from the UK. It often takes ~3 weeks for your shirts to arrive and they charge you $10 for every shipment.
Twillory is based in the US, and to my home in the NY area, I received my shirts in 2 days. Oh, and it’s free shipping + free returns. Can’t complain there. Additionally, the shirts are delivered beautifully. It just feels like a higher end product.

Shop New Arrivals from Twillory!

twillory-mens-shirt-coupon-code-2One cool thing they are doing is sending everyone a mailer to send back with any shirts that you are no longer wearing them and Twillory will launder them and donate them to those who can’t afford nice shirts who may need them for going on interviews.

Today I wore the 2nd of the 3 shirts that I ordered and I’ve already been receiving compliments on them. The fit is definitely a bit better than my CT shirts. I wear a 15 collar 32 sleeve. CT only carries a 33 sleeve regularly whereas Twillory carries a 32/33 sleeve size. When compared in my closet to my CT shirts, it was significantly shorter, and a better fit on my arm. I ordered the tailored fit as I am relatively thin and don’t want much bagginess in my shirts. My extra slim fit (formerly tailored fit) Charles Tyrwhitt shirts are not as fitted as these.
Other components of the Twillory shirts that I like:

  • The material is finer, which helps with the snugger fit as well.
  • The buttons are made of Mother of Pearl. It’s a small touch that most won’t pay attention to, but it’s a nice feature.
  • The second button from the top is in a much better position when leaving the top button unbuttoned. This is something that so many shirt companies get wrong and I really like the positioning of the button here. It really helps the collar pop appropriately and not fly out too wide.
  • The spread collar is the perfect size and is constructed well.

twillory-mens-shirts-coupon-codeMy concerns are twofold, which after speaking with the people at Twillory, I think both are being addressed:

  • Non-Iron: As a start up, they currently do not have an inventory of non-iron shirts. Having said that, I’ve been wearing their shirts for the last 2 days straight and it has held up throughout the day. The shirt hasn’t wrinkled at all (beyond the bottom part that is tucked into my pants). That’s a big deal for me as previous non non-iron shirts would wrinkle in the first hour or two of wearing. Additionally, they do plan on launching a line of non-iron shirts, I believe starting in the Fall.
  • Price: Each shirt retails on the site for $79, which is technically less than what most Charles Tyrwhitt shirts retail for, but no one pays the retail price on CT shirts. In order to give a comparable offer to what most consumers are used to seeing, for a limited time, Twillory is offering a 4 shirts for $199 deal (~$49.75/shirt) as well as a 2 shirts for $115 deal ($57.50/shirt) + the standard free shipping & returns.

During the checkout process on use coupon code: 4ShirtDeal or 2ShirtDeal for those respective deals. Only one coupon code can be used per purchase, so you can technically use them more than once if you make multiple transactions.Each coupon will expire on October 8th or after 250 uses (each). So hurry if you want to try Twillory out. This is a great way to get some new shirts before Rosh Hashana / Yom Kippur / Sukkot. I’m confident you’ll have a good experience.



Disclaimer: Everything that I have stated in this post is my true and honest opinion. Twillory did not ask me to say anything in this post, however, they did give me the coupon codes to spread to my friends and family as a test.

Shop New Arrivals from Twillory!

Should You Upgrade to the New IPhone? A quick comparison of iPhone 5S – iPhone 5C – iPhone 5

If you’re an iPhone owner like me, you’re currently weighing your options on whether to upgrade to one of the newest iPhones just announced, or even to hold out for next year. Here are a few thoughts:

The iPhone 5C is replacing the iPhone 5, meaning the 5 is no longer for sale. After doing some research and comparisons, the reason for this is that there’s little difference between the devices on the inside. The phones will run nearly identically, save for a slightly better battery life on the newer phone.

The obvious changes are on the exterior: Color & Price.

The colorful new phones (and new Apple cases) are definitely aesthetically pleasing, as is the lower intro price of $99 for the 16GB model (w/2 yr contract). But if you’re an iPhone power user, don’t settle for this device.

For those that love their iPhone 5, or even one of the older models like the 4S, and don’t even use the majority of what the phone is capable of doing, the iPhone 5C will surely please you. Should you upgrade your iPhone 5 to the 5C? In my opinion, no. The devices are too similar, and you won’t see much of a difference. When you upgrade your phone to the new iOS 7, your phone will feel like a new device, the same OS running on the 5C (and 5S).

However, if you’re a power user, and/or like all the newest bells and whistles, consider upgrading to the 5S.

The iPhone 5S looks similarly to the iPhone 5, with perhaps some slightly different color hues. But the real changes are on the interior. The 5S has a revamped camera, taking “SLR” quality photos (according to Apple), as well as an HD quality front-facing camera; a new 64-bit chip, the first phone to have anything larger than 32-bits, which will make the device’s computing power and speed truly impressive; an impressive fingerprint scanner, allowing one to unlock their phone and apps with the swipe of a finger instead of continuously inputting passwords; a new, additional, chip in the phone that’s dedicated to location, movement, and other types of data that will make the main chip more efficient, faster, and save battery life.

The pricing for the iPhone 5S is similar to its predecessors, $199 for the 16GB model.

One of the things I always think about is resale value. iPhones have the highest resale value of any device on the market (likely because Androids are inexpensive to begin with). I’ve sold every iPhone I’ve owned (as well as my wife’s) – selling about 1 a year for the past 5 years. I’ve always received close to or more than the cost of the device itself, because there is a huge resale market for iPhones, domestically and abroad. (I recently sold a used iPhone 4S 16GB for over $330 to someone overseas), which helped pay for my $299 iPhone 5 I bought last year. If you’re good about selling your devices as soon as you upgrade, you can recoup your costs, or even make a profit.

Why do I mention this?

Consider the resale value of the phone you get next. Considering the new features of the iPhone 5S, it will have huge resale value even in a year or two when you’re ready to sell it. The 5C likely will too, but not to the same extent as the technology isn’t new. If you’re seeking a major upgrade, go all the way, and get the iPhone 5S.


Check out the following comparison chart from CNET. (The iPhone 5 will have iOS7 by the time the 5C/5S come out).

A Quick Understanding of How Google+ Differs from Facebook

[This post is intended for friends and others just looking for a very high level understanding of Google+. This is not an official POV and does not represent my employer.]

Over the past day, people have been asking “What’s Google+?” and for the few friends of mine who are on Google+, many of them are getting really excited about the Circles feature which is one of the defining features of the nascent social network run by the search giant.

A few things to understand:

Google+ is not Google’s first foray into social media, but from what I can tell so far, they’ve learned quite a bit from their mistakes on Buzz and Wave. Having said that, the platform looks and feels a heck of a lot like Facebook, just without much clutter … or much of anything at the moment. Let’s give it some time and see what it’ll look like in a week or month. Hopefully it will have a distinct look and feel to it.

In terms of the aforementioned Circles functionality, people using it are excited that they are able to compartmentalize and message their friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, ex-camp mates, people met at a conference, etc. in a way that they hadn’t on Facebook. The thing is, this exact functionality already exists on Facebook, it’s called Lists. I have been using Lists basically since it came out and it’s great. It allows you post a status update and have it visible to just the list or lists you want, OR post a status update to everyone and block certain lists.

For example, if you’re posting something controversial and you don’t want your boss and co-workers to see it, you can add all your co-workers to a list, and block just that list from seeing that specific status update or image or video.

I will give credit to Google in that Circles is a really nice visualization of your friends, whereas Facebook’s Lists are not all that visually exciting. Having said that, nothing is really stopping Facebook from tweaking the way Lists looks currently. (In fact, Mark Zuckerberg has already been spotted using Google+, so we know Facebook is paying attention.)

The biggest differentiating factor on Google+ is the ability to start a Hangout, which is a video chat room with multiple people… meaning, each of you in the chat room can be on your cam and see your friends simultaneously. I have yet to use this feature. But in truth, when will I? I can already video chat one on one using Gchat or Skype. If you’re someone who doesn’t typically call multiple friends at once in a conference call, you may not see a need in this video feature.

I’m assuming that more features will be rolling out in the near future to further differentiate this platform from Facebook, but until then, everyone just calm down and nothing is happening to Facebook (at least not until they announce their platform upgrades – which may happen as early as next week). If you wanted to delete your FB account, you would’ve done it before Google+ ever existed.

ATTN Travel Brands: Sponsor ISRAEL Related Content

As the founder of, I have been contacted over the years by a number of websites and companies to review, try, and have sponsor my content. Some I have accepted, others not.

Now it is your turn. Over the next few weeks I’ll be traveling to Israel on a quest to create more travel related content about ISRAEL on I’ll be writing about restaurants, travel experiences, travel products, airlines, hotels, car rentals, transportation, activities / things to do, etc.

If your brand is interested in targeting Jews who love to travel (nearly 20,000 of them), then contact me to sponsor some of our upcoming content: YeahThatsKosher dot com at Gmail dot com.

Email Blasting = Shady Marketing (#FAIL)

Taxes, Death, and SPAM, are all inevitable.

Lately, I have been monitoring my Gmail’s SPAM folder and I’ve been noticing a disturbing pattern. No … not pharmaceuticals or Nigerian princes asking for money, but Jewish businesses and non-profits sending “blasted” emails to presumably thousands of non-opted in members … all coming from one marketing company’s email account.

Never did I opt-in to this company’s email blasts. They must have recognized that I am Jewish, and/or took my name from the web, and added it to their database. (I am extremely skeptical that this company is actually practicing appropriate marketing etiquette / laws: for example CAN-SPAM laws.)

If you don’t see what the problem is at this point, you probably need a bit of a crash course in marketing communications. You might assume that if you just blast your message to thousands of people, some dopes are going to be curious and not only open your email, but interact with it. This is one of the worst assumptions you can make about consumers, and in fact, this will probably do more harm for your business / brand long term, than will the short term benefit of a few clicks to your site.

There are many ways to properly do Email Marketing, but “renting” email lists, or “blasting” to some company’s list, is probably the opposite of a “best practice” of Email Marketing.

In Email Marketing, as in Social Media Marketing, brands are given permission by the consumers to be communicated to. Consumers opt-in to “Follow” a brand on Twitter, “Like” a brand on Facebook, “Subscribe” to a brand on YouTube, or Subscribe to a brand’s email list. In the digital age, brands can no longer communicate to a consumer without their permission – lest they want to be ignored or shunned.

Best practices in Email Marketing include (but are not limited to):

  • Get permission. Don’t scrape the web for email addresses, or obtain emails that are not qualified. They will not help your business cause.
  • Build your own mailing list (CRM). Nothing is as targeted as a list of consumers who actively are interested in your brand. You know exactly who is on your mailing list, and don’t need to worry about other’s lists. DON’T BUY LISTS.
  • Provide an easy way to unsubscribe. Otherwise, those receiving your emails are trapped in your email list without exit – which will only piss them off. Not a good way to build brand affinity.
  • Don’t abuse your list. Sending emails too frequently will inevitably send more and more of your emails into SPAM folders – like the one’s from the company referred to above.

A great way to help bolster your Email Marketing database, is by being active in Social Media. Having a continuous presence within Facebook, Twitter, and other portals allows you to consistently present your message to those who are interested in hearing what you have to say. By engaging in your Social Media community, there are numerous ways you can encourage your consumers (or potential consumers) to opt-in to your Email database. In that case, it’s mutually beneficial for the brand, and the consumer.

To conclude… while there are legitimate Email Marketing companies (especially the ones that assist you in building your own lists) out there, you should be skeptical of “targeted” email lists to communities, hyper specific demographic and/or pyschographic targeting, etc. Use your own networks to build your own list (CRM) and interact with them in appropriate ways. Pushing your content in front of the consumer, instead of conversing, is a sure way to having your business #FAIL.

Dani Klein has consulted with non profits and small business when he started SocialCity Marketing in 2008. Currently, Dani is working on multiple Fortune 500 brands as the Manager of Social Marketing Strategies for Digitas, a world leading digital marketing and media agency and member of the Publicis Groupe S.A.

All views expressed within this blog and by this blogger are solely my own and in no way reflect those of Digitas or Publicis.

New Kosher Travel site

I’ve recently started an extension to offering Kosher & Travel News and Reviews.

Currently I am hosting the site at, but will eventually move it to an extension of YeahThatsKosher. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

If you have any Kosher / Travel news you’d like me to feature, please let me know.
When tweeting about Kosher Travel, please use the #koshertravel hashtag.

Comedy Central blames ISRAEL with video game

I just wrote a post on about the crazy, offensive, and disgusting video game created by Comedy Central called “I.S.R.A.E.L. Attacks!”.

Here’s what I wrote:

    The creative / media team behind “Drawn Together” from Comedy Central created a very very offensive game against Jews & Israel …. I am trying to find a way that this is not offensive, but alas, I am at a loss.

    The JIDF blog did a piece on it yesterday.

    The game’s premise is as follows:

    “Jew Producer” apparently failed to destroy other child-like character. Thus, a robot, “the Intelligent Smart Robot Animation Eraser Lady” (I.S.R.A.E.L.) is sent to do the job. The game then shows “I.S.R.A.E.L.”, the robot, destroying everything in its path, even children.

    Original Video– More videos at TinyPic

    Write to Comedy Central about the disgusting video game on their website called: “I.S.R.A.E.L. Attacks!”: Tell them that you find the gave repulsive and offensive. Please do not threaten the network in any way.

    Join the Facebook group: Comedy Central – I.S.R.A.E.L. Attack game is offensive. Remove it.

    Write to Comedy Central on Twitter: @ComedyCentral and tell them about your disappointment.

    If you’d like, you can ReTweet my message to Comedy Central:

    Shame on @ComedyCentral 4 this “I.S.R.A.E.L. Attacks!” video game: This is beyond offensive! (RT @YeahThatsKosher)

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this “game”. Please comment below.

I’ve been featured by CUNY BA

It’s pretty exciting to be featured by the CUNY BA, the program in conjunction with Brooklyn College, where I graduated from. They wrote about my life post-college, my projects, and work.

If you’re related to me, you can just skip the article and shep nachas*. Otherwise, the article is on the CUNY BA site here:

*[For the non-Yiddish crowd, ‘shepping nachas’ can be roughly translated as a combination of deriving great pleasure from something and being extremely proud of someone… for example; when a friend or loved one does something exemplary.] ~ Definition from

Torah Times Circular = Jewish Ad FAIL

My wife (Arielle) picked up this circular in one of the kosher restaurants torahtimes in midtown today and was excited to show this to me. I love ads, especially bad ones. Props to Arielle for cherry picking the following ads, which are ripe for parody.

The following are from the Torah Times circular, Week of March 10-16, 2010:

  • Shticky Sushi – this ad for a new Kosher Sushi place seemed cool at first. Nice logo. Massive Sushi menu. Great. One problem. I have no idea where this place is. There’s a 718 phone number, but that could mean Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island or the Bronx. No idea. So I figured, I’ll go to their website. Pretty cool website, especially for a Kosher place, right? I looked everywhere. No address. Nothing. What’s even weirder… it says “curbside pickup also available”. Is this a joke? Curbside sushi pickup to a place no one can find? Good luck. >> You guys need marketing assistance. Feel free to contact meClick for Ad Image
  • Joe Lazar for City Council – I only vote for heimeshe people that are warm and fuzzy … Click for Ad Image

Ridiculous Jewish / Pesach (Passover) Products:

    I’m actually pissed off I didn’t invent any Kosher for Pesach products. Maybe I should start a Kosher for Passover website: “This site contains no chametz or gebrochts“.

    Are these products necessary? If you have purchased (or feel the need to purchase) the products below, please comment on this post to explain why, and include your halachic / textual reference. I’m honestly curious to read why we need them.

  • Kosher Passover Pans – seriously? are regular pans laced with breadcrumbs? … Click for Ad Image
  • Palisades Aluminum Foil – same shtuyot (stupidity) as the above product… Click for Ad Image
  • Glatt Water – Water … with extra special Glatt nutrients! … Click for Ad Image
  • Swarovski Crystal Pesach Collection — 1) This ad screams of 2 copyright or trademark infringements. 2) Crystals on your seder paraphernalia? Why? Why? 3) This is selling for $500!! … Click for Ad Image